What tests can be used to distinguish the quality of Threaded Steel?
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What tests can be used to distinguish the quality of Threaded Steel?

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In order to appreciate the advantages of threaded steel bars, the following judgments can be drawn.

1. Chemical composition identification

Content Analysis of C, Si, Mn, P, S, etc. in Rebar

The chemical composition must comply with ASTM, GB, DIN and other standards.

2. Mechanical performance test

Tensile testing reveals tensile strength, yield strength, compression zone, etc.

Rockwell or Vickers hardness test.

The mechanical performance criteria specified in the corresponding standards must be followed.

3. Metal detection

Observe the sample in the metallographic analyzer to check for defects and poor quality samples.

The texture should be smooth, uniform, free of cracks and foreign inclusions.

4. Check the quality of the website.

Visually inspect appearance, surface quality, mechanical damage, cracks, dents, etc.

Ra is used for surface roughness detection

5. Search for meaning

Jigs and fixtures are used to check parameters such as metal quality, sound and tolerances.

Check for defects, damage, deformation, etc.

In line with national and enterprise standards

6. Non-destructive testing

Both surface and interior are tested by liquid penetrant method or magnetic particle method.

Therefore, whether the test results meet the requirements of the industry standard can make a good evaluation of the rebar. This requires the use of special test equipment and test procedures.

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